Imperial Caviar and Seafood

A Trio of Flavorful Seaweed-Based Caviar Substitutes

Well, this is interesting. It’s a trio of 100% vegetarian, all-natural, seaweed-based caviar substitutes that taste like caviar, look like caviar, but are generally better for you and the environment than caviar. If you’re thinking this is the perfect amuse-bouche for your next holiday party, you’re obviously thinking very clearly.






You can’t believe it’s not caviar...

  • Actually, it’s a trio of flavorful caviar substitutes, made from seaweed instead of fish.
  • All three are 100% vegetarian and 100% natural. They’re created using a process called “spherification” that turns liquid into caviar-like pearls.
  • You’re getting three different kinds: sturgeon flavor, salmon flavor and wasabi flavor.
  • Just use this like you would use normal caviar. So, on chips, in pasta, on top of pizza, with those nice little silver spoons... (Can’t forget the little silver spoons.)



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