Blunt Umbrellas

Red Blunt Classic

Umbrellas. You don’t want to think about them. You just want an amazing one that works when you need it to. Which is why you need the Blunt Classic—the original powerhouse of precipitation-slaying technology that puts the exact opposite of a rain cloud over your head.








As for the details:

  • It incorporates Blunt’s revolutionary Radial Tensioning System. The umbrella’s edges have a uniquely round shape—which makes them extremely aerodynamic and also keeps the fabric from ripping off the tips or the ribs in a strong gust of wind.
  • It measures 33 inches long when folded and spans 47 inches in diameter when opened—giving you plenty of dry space for taking cover. (And meaning, yes: there’s definitely enough room for that drenched—and very grateful—stranger over there.)
  • It weighs just 1.4 pounds—your forearm will thank you.



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Returns & Exchanges

  • Blunt Umbrellas will accept returns and exchanges for unused merchandise in original packaging within 10 days of delivery.
  • Return shipping is not included.
  • For questions related to returns or exchanges, please see the return policy or contact Blunt Umbrellas.

Need to Know

Shipping & Handling

  • A shipping fee of $10 per order of the Blunt Classic will be added at checkout.
  • A shipping fee of $7.70 per order of the Blunt XS Metro will be added at checkout.
  • Order can be expected up to 13 business days after purchase date.
  • Orders will be shipped directly from Blunt Umbrellas within 2 business days of being received.
  • Standard shipping time is 5 to 10 business days from shipping date, depending on location.
  • Merchandise cannot be shipped to Alaska or Hawaii.
  • Merchandise is not available for international or weekend shipping.
  • Merchandise cannot be shipped to PO Box addresses.

The Fine Print

Order Info

  • Orders take 24 hours to be processed.
  • Orders placed on Friday or over the weekend will be processed the following business day.
  • Offer cannot be combined with any other promotions or discounts.


  • Tax is included in the Perk price.