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Your iPhone 6 Is in Good Hands

So you just got the new iPhone and now you need to protect it. Easy. Get Evolutive Labs’ Rhino Shield: an indestructible protector that lies inconspicuously over your phone, shielding it like an invisible force field. It’s five times stronger than Gorilla Glass, just as transparent—and far easier than dealing with a cracked screen.

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Here’s what you need to know about your phone’s new invisible guardian angel:

  • It’s ridiculously strong—over five times the strength of the already-strong Gorilla Glass for iPhones. It uses a secretly formulated, multilayer design that’s impervious to hammers, drill bits and, yes, even drops down staircases.
  • It’s pretty much undetectable, measuring only 0.01 inches thick and being completely transparent and smooth to the touch.
  • It’s compatible with almost any case—or no case at all, because it’s literally just a really thin sheet you stick on your phone. We have no idea why phone companies don’t just build something like this into every phone, but here we are as a species.
  • It’s smudge-allergic, as it uses an oleophobic coating to repel oil and fingerprints.
  • This is important: it covers the front-facing portion of the phone, but it won’t wrap around the curved edge. It covers where it counts.
  • It’s only $25 for the iPhone 6 cover. Or $30 for the iPhone 6 Plus. Which is far less than the $100-plus you’d normally pay to fix a cracked screen, not to mention the time and sliced fingers...


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