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Charcoal Atlas Dress Socks

Couple things about your charcoal Atlas dress socks... First, they’re moisture-absorbing. Second, they’re infused with recycled coffee grounds (it’s a natural odor filter). And third, they’re 40% off. 








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  • The charcoal Atlas dress socks. Smart-looking socks designed by smart MIT grads.
  • They’re robotically knit, meaning they’re specifically engineered to provide consistent comfort and ventilation at key pressure points in your feet. A job this important requires a robot.
  • They’re made with Javafresh fabric. Translation: there are recycled coffee grounds infused in these socks, which act as a natural odor filter/conversation starter. Plus, thanks to a unique blend of moisture-wicking fabric—40% cotton, 40% polyester and 20% elastane—your feet will stay dry no matter what state the rest of your body is in.



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