Bill of Rights (aka "Help")

UrbanDaddy only wants the best for you at all times in your life, so get in touch with us if there is ever an issue with your Perk (or any other problems in your life—although it might take us a little longer to get back to you in these instances).

You can reach us by contact us here and we’ll get back to you as quickly as humanly possible. (Often, we have to look into the question with our Perks Partners, which takes time. We appreciate your patience.)
1. Returns and refunds, generally speaking
Items purchased on UrbanDaddy Perks are eligible for returns subject to the policies below. In general, we work within the confines of our Perks Partners’ policies. Also, we’ll always let you know the return/exchange policy in the “Returns & Exchanges” section of a Perk listing. Note that it’s always a good idea to check all the “Fine Print” for a particular Perk listing before purchasing in case any special terms and unique conditions regarding returns or exchanges apply.
2. Returns on products
Returns need to be handled according to the return policy in the “Returns & Exchanges” section of a Perk listing. (Note that this can vary from Perk to Perk.) Generally, returns need to be shipped back to the Perks Partner. Once they’ve received it and confirmed the item is in good condition, the Perks Partner will notify us and we will issue a refund. (Note: We cannot process returns outside a Perks Partner’s return policy. If you want to return something after that time period has elapsed, you will need to contact the Perks Partner directly, and obviously we cannot make any promises in terms of what the Perks Partner will offer.)

To discuss returning or exchanging a Perk, please contact us here.
3. Returns experiences or services
Refunds and cancellations for experiences or services are case-by-case and are always noted in the “Returns & Cancellations” section of a Perk listing.

If you are unable to redeem a service within the redemption time frame please refer to the fine print on your certificate. A Perks credit will be issued for the face value (purchase price) for most certificates that were purchased before September 15, 2015, were not for date-specific events, and are confirmed as un-redeemed from our Perks Partner.

For all non-date-specific events purchased after September 15, 2015, the face value (purchase price) of your certificate can only be used towards a purchase with the Perks Partner on your certificate. This will also be noted in the certificate fine print along with the purchase price. The Perks Partner is considered the holder and issuer of all certificates.

To discuss returning a Perk, please contact us here.