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Trash 17-Inch Bag

For your traveling consideration: Travelteq’s 17-inch laptop bag, handmade from top-tier Italian leather and designed to make even the most down-to-the-wire airport runs look easy. Not to mention incredibly handsome... 




A few good-to-knows about the bag your grandkids will inevitably fight over:

  • It’s made of Florentine Vachetta leather—which, yes, is just as smooth and buttery-soft and gorgeous as the name sounds.
  • And it was handmade by a skilled Italian leather artisan... as all Florentine Vachetta leather things should be.
  • It’s optimally sized to fit a 17-inch laptop. Or a 17-inch manila envelope full of unmarked $100 bills. Or a 17-inch sandwich. Or... you get the idea.
  • It’s waterproof. Which tends to come in handy between the times of now and always.
  • It measures 15.7-by-11.8-by-3.1 inches and weighs about two and a half pounds.
  • You’ve got many compartments: three of which zipper, four of which are open and a few more in all the right places.



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